Blue Flower

Middle age does funny things to men. Some buy large motorbikes, squeeze themselves into tight leathers, and risk their lives on tight bends. Others buy unsuitable cars- same tight bend issue. Still others take up with women half- or a third!- their age (what do they find to talk about?). My wife knows where to find me, knows exactly what I’m doing, and is safe in the knowledge that I’m risking neither my life nor my marriage...

I decided in my mid-fifties that, of all the musical genres I had ever heard, I preferred the blues- and a year or so later found that I could build the ideal instrument on which to play the blues. The three-string chordophone, commonly called a cigar box guitar whether or not it is actually made from a cigar box, is probably the quintessential blues instrument, and may also be one of the simplest and most intuitive instruments to play.

They are also incredibly satisfying to build. It might be a particularly attractively figured piece of hardwood just crying out to be sanded, oiled, and waxed, or it might be an interesting pickup found on a late-night trawl through eBay that is the inspiration. But until the wood is sanded, drilled, shaped and fitted, until the neck is fretted, until the whole is assembled from the parts and strings attached and tuned, you have no idea how it will sound. When they sound, as they often do, glorious- whether acoustic or electric- then they, and the music they produce, should be shared.

Rory the Border lives!A content management system is software that allows you to create and manage webpages easily by separating the creation of your content from the mechanics required to present it on the web.

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